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We have over half of a million shutter combinations to choose from! Select the style that best fits the look of your home. Don't worry, you can always change the style later on and also add features like arch tops and cutouts.


Unlike our other shutters, these are mounted with a hinge at the top of your window for easy opening and closing. Popular in most coastal regions, this style can drastically reduce the amount of light into your home or office, while doubling as protection during storm seasons.

Board and Batten

Choose any combination of boards and battens to customize your look. This style can be both rustic and modern depending on the finish and material you choose.

Raised Panel

Choose any combination of our raised panel shutter for a timeless look.

Flat Panel

Flat panel is also known as craftsman or shaker style. This is our most popular and durable style when purchased in our composite material.


When used as functioning shutters, louvers allow a small amount of light and air through when closed. Please note that our composite and vinyl shutters are faux louvers.

Combination (Louvered/Paneled)

You can pick and choose from any of our other series options to create a custom shutter style, perfect for your home!


We have the material(s) to fit your needs. From the low-lying coastal regions to the snowy midwest, we’ve got you covered.

Composite Wood:

Composite board is used in a variety of home construction projects, trimming, exterior shutters and other home products. It comes in a variety of colors and types and offers long-lasting protection from wear and tear. It's an ideal material choice due to the many benefits you can leverage.

At Monument Shutters, we use Extira® Composite material for many reasons, but durability and quality are our main focus. Extira panels may look like MDF, but they don’t perform like it. Different ingredients and a patented and proprietary manufacturing process lead to a superior performance.

What Is Composite Board?

Composite board is a wood engineered with both plastic content and wood fiber that has been extruded and heated. Also known as engineered wood, this special wood material also includes ultraviolet inhibitors, pigments and borate preservatives. These treatments and contents make this material an ideal choice for withstanding the elements. There are several types of composite board products. Here are some common types:

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). This engineered wood is made from a variety of materials, including recycled or mashed wood fibers, wax and resin. Its high-pressure and high-heat treatments paired with its wax content make it dense and durable.
Oriented Strand Board (OSB). This engineered wood is made from trees that grow rapidly, such as mixed hardwoods and aspen poplar mixed with MDI-coated wood chips.
Particle Board. This type of composite board is also called chipboard and is made from sawdust, wood chips or shavings from a sawmill. It comes in a variety of densities with the strength of the board increasing as the density increases. Particle board can also be created to resist moisture, fire and other elements.
This engineered wood comes from veneer that is bonded using pressure and heat. It's also cross-laminated to enhance the stiffness of the engineered wood, which makes it a strong, durable material.

Benefits of Composite Board

Composite board comes with several advantages. Here are some composite board benefits you can leverage:

Easy Installation. This man-made material is specifically designed to meet performance requirements for a variety of applications, including offering the ability to bend. These characteristics aid in simplifying installation.
Cost Effective. Due to the manufacturing procedure, durability and availability, composite board is frequently a more cost-effective material to use for exterior home products than solid wood.
With composite board material, you can choose the color or texture you prefer thanks to the wide selection of available treatments and sizes.
Composite board offers long-lasting protection and strength. It's useful as a trim or an entire product, such as exterior shutters. Some composite boards, such as particle board, can also be engineered to withstand outdoor elements and resist moisture.
Structural Resilience. With composite board's robust material, you can rely on this engineered wood's ability to hold its structure over time.
Composite boards, such as MDF, can be made of recycled material using fewer trees than solid wood material. This makes it ideal for incorporating in sustainable design.


Southern Yellow Pine lumber has been popular species of wood used in the construction trade. When it comes to softwood lumber, Southern Yellow Pine is one of the most dense soft woods available. With favorable structural applications as well as excellent screwholding capabilities, it remains an excellent species for wood shutters (also something about best price point for wood shutters). Our pine shutters can come to you raw/unfinished, primed or factory finished in your choice of 10 of colors.


Cedar is another very popular species of wood used in shutters. It is lightweight, but extremely durable to most conditions.


African or Sapele Mahogany is one of the most striking species we offer. While this is a pricier option, Mahogany shutters are extremely durable and offer a very unique look when unfinished.


Whether you choose to have us paint (recommended), paint yourself or leave unfinished, we will have the selection for you to get the desired end look.


After a careful trial and selection process of the top finishes available we found that PPG Break-Through! paint is the best in quality and durability on the market. Break-Through! offers outstanding early block resistance and is quick drying - resulting in fast turnaround and increased productivity. It provides hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds with a low-VOC formula.

We offer 9 different standard paint finishes for all of our Shutters. After a careful trial and selection process of the top finishes available we found that PPG Break-Through! paint is the best in quality and durability on the market.

Break-Through! offers outstanding early block resistance and is quick drying - resulting in fast turnaround and increased productivity. It provides hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds with a low-VOC formula.

Break-Through! is formulated to bond to some of the most difficult substrates including fiberglass, laminate, and many plastics, making it ideal for use on doors, windows, cabinets, shelving, hand rails, fixtures, trim, wood, and concrete floors.

Key Features of PPG Break-Through! Paint:

Outstanding early block resistance
Quick dry
Low VOC and low odor
Very good adhesion
Very good hardness
Excellent flow and leveling
Resistant to household chemicals


Select the configuration of your shutters below. Select from one, two or three panels. This is based on personal preference and the style that you’re going for!


While this does not impact the production of shutters, knowing whether or not you would like functioning or fixed mount is helpful to identify before measuring. If they are installed as functioning shutters with hinges, they can be operable. This means they close over your windows for protection when needed.

On the other hand, fixed styles cannot be moved and serve as a decorative accent to your home’s exterior.

If you live in a location that doesn’t experience inclement weather, fixed mount may be a more appealing choice since they tend to be more affordable as well as much simpler installation process.


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